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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

#1 – Own Your Own Website!

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Managed SEO Services

Not sure your current SEO provider is helping your site? Call SbOGB.com for our Managed SEO Service and we will review the reports each month and provide a plain English verification that you are getting the service you’re paying for each month. SEO can be very expensive, (easily ranging $500.00 – $5000.00 monthly), because full SEO is quite time consuming. You will have to either invest the time, or the money to have someone else invest the time, to have good SEO done, or you will likely have a nice looking website that no one visits. How can you tell if you have good SEO? SbOGB.com knows how to secure free and optional paid services to evaluate your SEO independent of what your SEO provider tells you and if desired we can teach you how to evaluate your site’s SEO performance.

Relevant Content

On-Page SEO

Mobile SEO

Targeted Search Engines SEO