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Social Media Marketing

#1 – Own Your Own Website!

#2 – Get Great Content On Your Website!

#3 – Update Your SEO to help Visitors find your Website.

#4 – Use Social Media to lead Visitors to your Website.

#4 – Use Social Media to build your brand on your Website.

Always remember Social Media is owned by another marketing company and you are giving them your content and connections.

Managed Social Media Marketing

Keeping all that in mind, you can put a successful Social Media campaign in place to attract the data savvy droves of Social Media users to your business’s website and ultimately convert some of those fast clicking visitors into customers. SbOGB.com can provide you valuable insight into whether or not your current Social Media campaign is working, or help you establish your first Social Media campaign to your website. Our approach always keeps the goal of getting visitors on your website versus just visiting your Social Media page or service. Ultimately you want those Social Media users to be clients of your business, or using your website for service. This approach puts you in control of the data that’s collected and your terms and conditions apply and your website’s rank goes up in the search engines.