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Website Services

A list of various services to purchase to enhance an existing website, partial website development, or create a new website.

Website Maintenance Subscriptions

Click on the heading above to go to our recommended Website Maintenance Subscriptions, and get 1 year of fast website hosting for faster webpage load times included, and up to 12 hours of website updates across a 12 month period.

Website Hosting Plans

Click on the heading above to go to our recommended hosting solution, SbOGB.com Shared VPS Hosting. If you’re already signed up for any of our Maintenance Plans, you are already eligible to receive the starting level of SbOGB.com Shared VPS Hosting.

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Managed Website Domains

Click on the heading above to read more about why SbOGB.com recommends you use a well known Domain Register, like GoDaddy.com, to secure your own Domain names.

Managed Website Hosting

Click the heading above to find out more about what Managed Website Hosting is and to explore which option of Hosting Ownership and Management will be best for your site.

Website Hosting Types

Click the above heading to read about some of the popular hosting types and read why SbOGB.com chooses VPS Hosting for Small Businesses.