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Managed Website Domains


Sign-Up for Your Domain as the Registrant and Administrative Contact.

Managed Web Site Domain Plans

This topic is the most important topic of having a website… own your own domain name. That means do not accept the free domain name a hosting company offers you unless you know you own that domain name. Owning a domain means your business or you are listed as the registrant of your domain in the who-is database. You can allow others to be shown as the Register, Billing Contact, or Technical Contact, but you should maintain your information as the Registrant and Administrative Contact.

Months of your time and significant money can be lost with your on-line business if you lose control of your domain by not being listed as the Administrative Contact. Avoid any business that misleads website owners into giving up control of this vital element of your company’s branding. SbOGB.com is a small business and built on integrity… this is just one way we will work with you to make sure you’re getting the services you’ve purchased without losing control of your site.

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