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About Us

More about Solutions by O.G. Brown

Solutions By O.G. Brown is a multimedia web design and development company whose purpose is to help other businesses promote their branding on the web and through media publication. We offer a variety of expertise (i.e. in web design/development, computer science, software engineering, electrical engineering, multimedia, and business management and business productivity software) to other businesses and individuals that can benefit from our 20+ years of experience in software technology solutions.

Having been frequently sought out for assistance in these various fields we were encouraged to launch this effort to make our services available to a wider audience. Both individuals and large corporations have benefited from our ability to understand business goals and processes, integrate technology, and ultimately produce methods for others to systematically produce results towards their goals. Our solutions have been designed and successfully put into operations in numerous locations across the US from New York to California and we’re ready to start working a solution for your business today. Give us a call and let’s get started on your solution today.

Bottom-line: This business exist because we enjoy creating web solutions that help others succeed in the efforts we hope they love to do also.