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On-Line Folder Sharing

SbOGB.com subscribes to DropBox for professional grade on-line file sharing. This is a service offered by DropBox Inc., https://www.dropbox.com .

SbOGB.com will setup a shared folder using DropBox for a convenient way of providing files to SbOGB.com. We usually share only one folder unique to your company name and ONLY that folder’s content and sub-folders can be seen/edited by SbOGB.com. All of your other DropBox folders are visible by you or whoever YOU CHOOSE to INVITE can share access to those folders. This service is controlled by DropBox and we encourage you to learn more about this service and gain comfort with using it for providing files to SbOGB.com (DropBox Help – Click Here).

SbOGB.com may choose to remove the one shared folder at our discretion, so please frequently make your own copies of the files and sub-folders contained in the shared folder and save them to your local computer OR to a DropBox folder NOT shared with SbOGB.com.

DropBox’s file sharing service is industry grade professional software used by millions of businesses and individuals. This is why SbOGB.com trust DropBox.com to provide our on-line file sharing services.