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On-Line Meeting Software

SbOGB.com subscribes to Adobe Connect for professional grade on-line meetings. This is a service offered by Adobe Inc., http://www.adobe.com .

The application is only active when you sign into a meeting and by default only allows you to see what the host presents. The host can only see what you present IF and WHEN YOU CHOOSE to share your desktop. Remote activation of the add-in is NOT possible by a subscriber like SbOGB.com. This service is industry grade professional software used by millions of businesses and individuals. This is why SbOGB.com trust Adobe.com to provide our on-line meeting services.

Look for Adobe Connect On Your Desktop Or Install It

1st step is to install the Adobe Connect software from here:

Copy the url below into your Adobe Connect URL Input location (COPY, not CLICK):


Additional Information

=== Most Common Activities =======
Sharing a computer screen, document, or whiteboard

Share your screen

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