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Partial Payments

1) Payment on Account

We prefer you go through our website and select the specific services needed and pay for them using the specific buttons in advance of services rendered. Use this page to send a payment to SbOGB.com to apply to advance payment OR previous services rendered for Website Design, Development, or Hosting/Email Services. We understand that selecting the right service at the right levels can be challenging at times so please call us on (866)220-4777 for assistance.

Use the following form and please be sure to enter your web domain (e.g. mywebdomain.com). Also if you are paying on a specific invoice optionally enter the invoice number. By default we will apply the payments to your account in the order in which services were/are rendered.

Partial Payment Amount:
Website Domain (mydomain.com):
Invoice Number (Optional):

1.1) Texas State Sales Tax

Notice. The amounts provided will be applied first to Texas State Sales Tax for Texas residents and any remaining amount applied towards any services rendered.

1.2) Status of Account

Request an account status any time via our contact form to see your outstanding balance and/or how payments have been applied. Request are usually processed within 14 days.

1.3) Usage Rights and Partial Payments

SbOGB.com requires payment for services at time of services rendered and any consideration of partial payments does not entitle clients usage rights/license of the website design or development until full payment for all services has been made. Usage rights are extended as a courtesy as long as partial payments are completed at least every 30 days.

2) Main Terms and Conditions

All other Terms and Conditional apply as shown here (click here).