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Maintenance Plan

This Service is Not Available At This Time

Website Design Hours from hours to weeks on-going (e.g. on-going design, or on-going support request).

  • No Follow-On Obligations; No Automatic Renewal, Sign-up when ready.
  • This page is for Website Design for content presentation using HTML/CSS, Social Media, SEO, and general website support.
  • A Design Hour is an effort based hour and may be worked across a longer interval based on the overall Service Level time. e.g. 15 minutes per hour across 4 hours or 4 days is 1 Design Hour.
  • 8 Design Hours = 1 Design Day; 5 Design Days = 1 Design Week
  • Minimum Time usage in 15 minute increments.
  • Unused Maintenance Design Time expires at the end of the Maintenance Plan. On-Time renewal of a Maintenance Plan will receive roll-over from a previous plan.

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Content Presentation, Webpage Design and Layout, HTML/CSS, SEO Management/Updates, Social Media Management/Updates, Video/Image Editing/Posting, Internet Marketing Support, WordPress Support and WordPress Plug-in Configuration, JavaScript Plug-in Configuration, General Website Support and Email Support.