Existing Clients Only Contact Us U.S. Based Company SbOGB.com is a U.S. based company serving all U.S. locations.

When you are a Web Services oriented businesses, SbOGB.com services are here to help you with your project or your client’s project. SbOGB.com’s hope is that you will be a long term client of ours and use our services as often as needed for fulfilling your web services to your clients.

Upon receipt of payment from you for SbOGB.com services for your client, your introduction of a client not currently doing business with SbOGB.com is protected. SbOGB.com will acknowledge electronically if we are not currently doing business with your client and issue acknowledgement of our Non-Solicitation of your client according to the following: SbOGB.com will not market, or solicit your client directly for use of our services for a period of 6 months after your last payment to SbOGB.com for your client’s project.

SbOGB.com’s purpose in providing this clause is to foster a trust in following good business practices with other independent businesses and contractors.

If you are contacting SbOGB.com for a quote and informing SbOGB.com of a potential new client, SbOGB.com will not directly contact your potential new client directly for a period of 21 days. You should submit a payment to SbOGB.com services within the 21 day period to be eligible for the full 6 month Non-Solicitation clause.

Many businesses are trying to get new business and SbOGB.com offers this protection as appreciation of you choosing our services on your projects.